Bring Loom straight to your work app. 👩‍💻

With the loomSDK, developers can add screen and cam recordings to their own products – all for free. 

Getting Started

What is loomSDK?
LoomSDK enables your users to record, embed, view, and interact with Loom videos directly within web apps – adding clarity and context to any workflow. Check out our loomSDK page to see how Trello, InVision, and more are using LoomSDK.
How do I access LoomSDK?
You can set up a developer account for loomSDK here.
How hard is it to implement?
Implementation is easy and fast! You just need to add a few lines of code to your platform to get the record button set up. Set up should take a day and all the steps to get started can be found on our Developer page.
Is it free?
Yes, we currently offer a free version, loomSDK Standard, which provides:
- 5 recordings per Guest use
- 5-min long Guest recordings
- Standard Loom UI configuration

Once a guest user has reached 5 recordings they will be prompted to sign up for our free Starter plan so they can continue recording with Loom and access and organize all of their videos in the Loom Workspace.

Recording Capabilities 

What capture modes does Record SDK provide?
RecordSDK provides a similar recording experience as Loom's Chrome extension.

Recording Capture Modes available are:
✔️ Screen+Cam (can choose to share an entire window, an application, or a single browser tab)
✔️ Screen only (can choose to share an entire window, an application, or a single browser tab)
✔️ Cam only
What Controls and fetures does Record SDK provide?
Recording Controls and Features available:
- Camera Bubble is resizable (small/large) and movable via click-and-drag
- Pause and resume a recording mid-stream
- Restart a recording mid-stream
- Preview a recording after completion and before insertion. Optionally re-record on the preview screen, discarding the original recording.
- If sharing a single tab, internal audio from that tab can be captured

If you’re using the SDK recorder and you have the Chrome extension installed, you’ll see the recording options available for the Chrome extension.
What browser is loomSDK compatible with?
RecordSDK supports the following browsers:
- Google Chrome v90+
- Microsoft Edge v90+
- Brave v1.22+
For more information on browser compatibility please check out our SDK page here.
Are there any Recording Limitations?
Yes! Record SDK limitations include:

- Only 720p resolution
- Does NOT support recording on: web browsers in Incognito mode, Mobile devices, Private browsers, or any other situation where third-party cookies are disabled
- The browser-based SDK cam bubble will not remain visible if the tab containing the bubble is hidden from screen sharing (in other words if you navigate to another tab while recording). 

Post Recording Capabilities

Where are videos stored when someone records via LoomSDK?
If a user is logged into their Loom account then the video will be stored in their default workspace. If a guest user records the video will be stored in a special workspace specific to the API Key.
Is there a maximum limit on recordings per (API) application?
As of right now, there is no maximum limit on the number of recordings an API application may have

Custom LoomSDK

Can I customize a Recording Limit on Loom SDK?
No, this configuration is not possible.
What styles can I change Loom SDK to?
Styling customization of the SDK recorder UI, configurable per these instructions. There is not currently a timeline for further UI customizing.


Questions, comments, concerns? Contact us here.

Happy Recording! 🎥😄

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