How to share your recording

Share your video with the click of a button. 🕹

When you're getting started with Loom, the easiest way to share your Loom recording is by using the Copy Link features. 

    • Copy and paste the video link anywhere

Think of it as sharing the link of a news article or a YouTube video. You can paste the link anywhere and anyone can click the link to watch it. But don't worry, Loom is very secure.

You can select your link settings to grant access to anyone with the link, only Workspace members, or only specific people added. 


Click More options to manage your link settings, add a password, or turn on search engine indexing.


  • Add people

Grant access to individuals by adding their email addresses. They'll be required to log in to view the loom. You can select view or edit access if the user is a member of your Workspace and add a message. The email sent will include a thumbnail of your loom.


  • Share to social

Under the Social tab you can share using LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, or Gmail.


  • Embed

Under the Embed tab you can embed using a responsive or fixed size.



If you're on an Enterprise plan you can also share using Loom's Salesforce integration. 

To add an extra layer of security you can also:

👉 Add a password to your video. For Loom Education, Business, and Enterprise users only.

👉 Turn on advanced privacy settings to share only with your Workspace. For Loom Enterprise users only.

👉 Share with specific people to allow only people who have been invited to view your video. 


Questions, comments, concerns? Contact us here. 

Happy recording! 😃 🎥 

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