How to quickly fix common recording errors

This is a great place to start your troubleshooting. šŸ”§

There are a few things that tend to fix most common problems such as recording crashes, glitches or recordings not starting.Ā  Here's a quick checklist we suggest you run through if you're having issues.

Choose which platform you're recording with: šŸ‘‡

Loom Chrome extensionĀ Desktop appiOS AppAndroid App
  1. Restart your Chrome browser & device
    This will often fix any temporary silliness.
  2. Reset your Loom extension by removing and reinstalling it:- Right-click on the Loom extension icon and then select Remove from Chrome.Ā 
    - Restart your Chrome browser.- Then reinstall it using this link here.

  3. Update your Chrome browser
    Make sure your browser is up-to-date. This will help aid Loom's compatibility.
    - You can check this at chrome://settings/help.


  4. Clear your Chrome cache.
    It might sound obvious, but it's helped us a number of times!
    - Open Chrome and enter the following URL in a new tab: chrome://history/Ā 
    - Select 'Clear Browsing Data'
  5. Check your upload speedĀ hereĀ 
    You'll need at leastĀ 5mbps upload speedĀ to record successfully with Loom.
  6. Disable other Chrome ExtensionsĀ 
    Sometimes another extension can block Loom from recording.

šŸ‘‰If you are able to record but unable to view your Loom video then please refer to our Recovery Page. More information on how to recover your video and how to troubleshoot processing issues can be found here.

Questions, comments, concerns?Ā Contact us here.Ā  Ā 

Happy recording! šŸŽ„ šŸ˜„

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