Getting Started Video Tutorials

Learn the basics of Loom. 👩🏻‍🏫

Want to start using Loom but not sure where to begin? Check out this short video on the basics, or watch more detailed walkthroughs of specific tools and features below it.

Getting started

Recording your first video

Record your first video to share with your colleague, student, teacher, friend - the possibilities are endless. Looking for inspiration? Try introducing yourself or sharing meeting context over video. 

Editing your video

To make the most of your video, you'll want to maximize views and engagement. Editing tools like trimming your video or adding a custom thumbnail (Education, Business, and Enterprise plans only) will help!

Sharing your video

Once you've recorded and edited, you can share your video by configuring its privacy settings and copying its share link.

Understanding your video's views

Get a look into how viewers watch and interact with your video through Viewer Insights data and Engagement Insights (Business and Enterprise plans only). 

Understanding your Workspace

Understand the differences between the Personal, Shared, and Team Libraries of your Workspace and why you might have multiple Workspaces.

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Happy recording!🎥 😄 

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