How to record using multiple monitors

Using multiple desktops? We got you covered! 🎥

When recording with the Loom desktop app or Loom Chrome extension, you can choose between your displays to ensure you are capturing the correct screen. 

Please note

Loom recordings on Windows devices do not support more than 2 monitors.

Desktop App 

  1. Open the App and choose your mic and cam source.
  2. When picking between the different capture modes - Full Screen, Window or Custom Size - you will have the option to select your preferred screen, as shown below: 

Chrome Extension 

  1. Open the Extension and choose your preferred mic and cam source.
  2. Select one of the different capture modes: Full Screen, Window, Current Tab or Camera only.
  3. Once you launch the recording, a new Chrome Tab will appear and you will be able to select your preferred display:
    Dec-19-2023 15-57-22.gif



    Why is there a pinned tab when I try to record with the Chrome Extension? 

    The pinned tab is a requirement of the new Manifest Version 3 architecture. It’s a requirement from Google. You can safely ignore it - it will go away when you’re done recording.

    Can I record both of my monitors or go back and forth between monitors?

    Unfortunately no, you cannot record two monitors at once nor switch between monitors while recording.


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    Happy recording! 😃 🎥 

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