Education and Business plan comparison

Understand the differences between Education and Business plans. 🧠

Education and Business plans both offer additional features and tools on top of the ones that come with Loom's free Starter plan.

All teachers from an accredited education institution can get verified with our verification tool and use the Education plan, which makes it easy to record and share videos with other teachers or students, who can then watch as Viewer accounts. The Education plan offers the following features in addition to those that come with the Starter plan:

Workspace Features 

Recording Features 

Unlimited Viewers Custom recording dimensions
Up to 3 customizable Spaces to share content System audio
Transcripts Calls-to-action
Tags Emoji reactions
Folders Viewer insights
Unlimited videos HD video
45 min video recording length Face & cam recording
1 Admin/Creator Drawing tool & mouse emphasis


Some Education users may find that they benefit from upgrading to a Business plan, which includes tools and features to make it easier for team collaboration with unlimited Creators.

Business plan perks: 

    • Unlimited recording time

    • Video uploads

    • Unlimited Creators, priced per Creator

    • Up to 50 free Creators Lite

    • Up to 3 customizable Spaces per Workspace

Read about the Education and Business plans for more information on these features.

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Happy recording! 🎥 😄

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