Understanding Workspaces and Member Roles

Understand the difference between Viewers, Creators, Creator Lites, and Admins in your Workspace. 🤝

Your Workspace

Your account in Loom comes with a Workspace where you can collaborate with the rest of your team in watching, sharing, and editing videos and screenshots together, depending on each team member's role (see below). You can invite people to your Workspace in your Workspace settings as other Creators (as many as you want, priced per Creator on paid plans), Creators Lite (all Starter plan users, plus up to 50 for free in Business plans), and Viewers (Education plans only).

If you are an Admin of a workspace with a Business or Enterprise plan, you can choose how Creators can invite new members by visiting the 'New Memberships' section under your Workspace settings.


Member roles

Your Loom account also comes with different roles. Some members have full access to record and edit videos, while others can only view videos. Admins have the option to change who can access what. Education users can have one Admin and unlimited Viewers. Starter plans can have one Admin and unlimited Creator Lites. Business plans can have up to unlimited Creators and Admins, priced per users, with up to 50 additional Creator Lites for free. Enterprise plans can have unlimited Creators and Admins. 

Viewers in a Workspace (free users)
  • Available only on Education plans.
  • Can view, react to, and comment on videos shared in your workspace.
  • Can invite other Viewers to the Workspace.
  • Cannot record, upload, or edit a video, although you'll see the option to "invite to edit" when Posting a video. 
  • The team Admin has the option to upgrade a Viewer account to Creator status in Manage Workspace (accessed by going to Manage → Members).
  • If a Viewer wants to upgrade to a Creator role, they will need to contact an Admin. Admins are listed on the member page in Manage Workspace.
  • Viewers are free and unlimited on Education plans.
  • If they own content, they can still transfer their content into another workspace regardless of their role. 
Creator Lite users in a Workspace (free users)
  • Available only on Starter and Business plans. All Loom Starter users are Creator Lites.
  • Can record up to 25 videos
  • Can record for up to 5 minutes.
  • Cannot use special recording or editing tools like calls to action or custom branding.
  • Cannot use analytics tools like Engagement Insights.
  • Can invite other Creator Lites to the Workspace.
  • If a Creator Lite wants to upgrade to a Creator role, they will need to contact an Admin. Admins are listed on the member page in Manage Workspace.
  • Starter and Business Workspaces can have up to 50 Creator Lites for free in a single Workspace.
Creators in a Workspace (paid users)
  • Creator accounts are paid. More information in our Pricing page
  • Have full access on Loom to record, share, organize, upload, and edit videos to share.
  • By default can invite other Creators or Creator Lites to the Workspace, unless the team Admin limits these invites to only Creator Lites in Workspace settings
  • Admins control Creator access and can downgrade accounts to Creator Lite status in Manage Workspace.
  • If a Creator wants to upgrade to an Admin role, they will need to contact an Admin. Admins are listed on the member page in Manage Workspace.
  • Education plans are limited to one Creator. Creators are unlimited on all other plans. Pricing on paid plans is per Creator in each Workspace.
Admins in a Workspace (paid users)
  • Admin accounts are priced at the same rate as Creator accounts.
  • Have all the privileges of a Creator and can manage Workspace settings.
  • Can edit the roles of members and manage Workspace and Subscription settings.
  • Only Admins can invite Creators or other Admins to a Workspace.
  • On the Enterprise plan with SSO, users will be added to the Loom Workspace via Just-In-Time provisioning with an IdP. Admins can determine what default role they want to assign to users on the Security page.
  • Admins can also assign roles directly when they invite a new member into their Workspace.
  • Business and Enterprise plans can have unlimited Admins. Starter plans are limited to one Admin. 

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