How to configure custom branding for your videos

Custom branding transforms your video player to be right on-brand. 🎨

By adding your own logo and color scheme and removing the Loom branding, you can create a viewing experience that’s aligned with your brand.

Keep in mind

Only Admins will have access to edit the video player from the appearance page of their settings. Custom branding is available to Business and Enterprise users only. 

  • Pick your color scheme

    From your appearance tab, you have the option to change the color of the play button and timeline. To do this click Pick Color and add your hex/RGB code or choose from the slider. 


  • Add your logo

    Now it's time to upload your logo. This will appear in the top left of your video player when you share your recording. 

    Recommended specs: Maximum size: 1152 x 720px, png or jpeg. Screen Shot 2023-09-27 at 2.17.17 PM.png

  • Whitelabel your page

    You can choose to remove the 'Made with Loom' branded pop up at the end of your recording by toggling off Promote.

    If you love Loom, you can always leave it there. 😉 

  • You can also remove the Loom ad pop-up. Here's how: 

    Within each video share page (click Video settings on your video to expand the menu), you also have the option to toggle on and off the Loom Branded Player. If you leave the branded player toggle on, viewers who aren't logged into Loom will see the Get Loom for Free prompt below.

    This is how the Loom pop-up message will appear:


    Questions, comments, concerns? Contact us here. 

    Happy recording! 🎥 😄 

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