Engagement Insights data exports

Get a birds-eye view of your Engagement Insights data to measure performance and impact. 📈

Making the most of your data export

If you're a Loom Business or Enterprise user, Engagement Insights is a powerful tool to know who’s watched your video, track engagement, and measure performance. Now you can download a report of all your Engagement Insights data as a CSV file for a comprehensive and customizable view across libraries, folders, teammates, and more. This report can help you answer questions like:

  • Which teammates created the most engaging videos?
  • Which videos have the most views, reactions, comments, downloads, and call-to-action clicks?
  • How many videos has my team recorded and shared?
  • Which teams or teammates recorded the most videos?
  • How has Loom usage in my team changed over time?

You can export your Engagement Insights in the Data tab of your Workspace settings.


Get more insights faster

To help you get started, we created an easy-to-use template to view your Engagement Insights data. To use the template:

  1. Download the Engagement Insights report for the Workspace, library, or folder you want to analyze.
  2. Copy and paste the data into the "Raw Data" tab of the template. Double-check that you didn't miss any data or leave in old data.
  3. Explore the "Video Details" and "Summary" tabs for a clear view of Engagement Insights data by video, Creator, views, and more.

Try our template

Get started with the template here

A note on engagement data

While there are many questions Engagement Insights data can help you answer, there are some limitations.

  1. To protect user privacy, Admins who download a report for an entire Workspace will not see the titles and links of videos in another member’s Personal Library. Admins should encourage members to move relevant content to the Team Library for a complete report.
  2. Engagement Insights data does not paint a full picture of a Workspace member’s activity on Loom. Pair any data analysis with feedback from your team about how they use Loom to communicate, collaborate, and share knowledge.



Who can export Engagement Insights data?
All Workspace members can export data for Folders and Libraries they have access to. Admins can export Engagement Insights data for an entire Workspace as well as for specific Folders and Libraries. To protect user privacy, some engagement data for videos in Personal and Shared Libraries of other Workspace members cannot be exported by an Admin. This data includes video links, video IDs, and video titles for Personal and Shared Libraries for Admins.
How can I use the Engagement Insights I've exported?
An Engagement Insights report gives you a more detailed and customizable view of your engagement data. You can use this information to gain additional insight into the quality and impact of your message and how it came across.


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