How to use spaces

Create a reserved space to share with specific team members. 📬

Spaces are a way for you to create dedicated areas to organize and find videos related to a project, team, or topic (e.g. town hall recordings, training videos, and product demos). ✨All members of Workspace can create a space, edit a space’s name, invite others, share content and create folders within a space.

🚦The availability to create Spaces will depend on your Workspace plan.

  • Starter Free: One the All-company space

  • Business: 3 Spaces (per workspace) + All-company space

  • Education: 3 Spaces (per workspace) + All-company space

  • Enterprise: Unlimited Spaces (per workspace)

All Company Space is provided in every workspace

All workspaces (no matter the plan) will have one automatically created space called All [Workspace Name]. Everyone in the workspace is a member of this space, and members cannot be added or removed. Content that was previously posted to the workspace can now be found in the all-company space. Instead of posting videos to the workspace, you now share them in the all-company space (or any other space if you don’t wish to share them with everyone).

How to create a space 

💡 Anyone that is a member of a Business, Education or Enterprise workspace can create space.

  1. Navigate to your Loom library and click the “+” button in the Spaces tab on the left side panel.

  2. From here, input the name of your new space, and the members you’d like to add. 

  3. Then select the privacy settings of your space (open or closed).

How to add and remove videos to a space 

💡 Please note: You can share videos in multiple spaces! 

+ To add a video to a space 

Option 1: Go to the space and click Add Video and select a video from your library or upload a video.

Option 2: Visit the Loom you are looking to add to a space and click Share in the top right-hand corner. Then, type in the name of the space you want to add into, and hit Share.

- To remove a video from a space:

Option 1: Visit the Loom you are looking to unshare and click Share in the top right-hand corner. Then, use the toggle by space share and select remove.

Option 2:  You can also unshare directly from your video thumbnail.

🗂 You can also create new Folders in a space! However, folders can only live within one space, unlike videos. 

How to leave or join a space 

  1. Click on Browse Spaces from the Spaces panel in your Loom library

  2. A list of open spaces in your workspace will then appear. From here, you can Join any desired space or Leave any space you no longer wish to be a part of.

  3. If you want to leave a closed space, then, click on the Closed tab.

    Please note: You will only be able to view the closed spaces you are a part of. If you want to join a specific closed space, you will need to reach out to one of the members in the closed space for an invitation.


Who can create a space?
Anyone can create a space, name it, set the privacy setting, and invite members. Once a space is created, any member can invite others, add videos, and organize the space.
What’s an open space vs. a closed space?
🔓Open space means anyone can find and join the space. Once you join, you can view the content in the space or add your own (think of an open space like a public Slack channel).
🔐Closed spaces are private; the only way someone can find or join a closed space is if they are invited.
How do I change an open space to a closed space or vice versa?
Only Admins on an Enterprise plan can alter the Privacy settings of space after its creation. Admin can only change an open space to a closed space. Closed spaces cannot be changed to open.

👉To change the privacy settings of a space, admins will need to visit the Space tab under Workspace Settings. From here, they can change the setting to Closed.
Can I share a folder with multiple spaces?

No, folders can only live in one space and cannot be shared or moved to other spaces. However, for a limited time, we are providing the functionality to move folders out of the All-company space and into your library or another space. More information on this here.

What happens when I remove a video from space?
The video you unshared from the space will remain in your library and will remain in any other spaces it was shared to. 
Can I delete a Space?
Only Admins on an Enterprise plan can delete a space, but any member can archive a space. This article here will walk you through how to archive and delete a space.
What’s the difference between spaces, tags, and folders?
🏘Spaces are for sharing with teams and projects. Sharing a video to a space makes it easy for your teammates to find. 
🗂Folders are for structured storage. Folders should be used to keep spaces or your Library tidy, and to give visitors the lay of the land when they visit a space.
🔖Tags are for associating your video with broad, dynamic trends or topics, just like #hashtags on Instagram or Twitter. Tags should be used as a collective voice to help bubble to the surface issues that cut across teams and projects.


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Happy recording! 🎥 😄

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