Understanding your Library

Understanding what has changed with your new Library. 🔍

All the videos you have created will be housed in your main Library. Everything you record will be private by default, but you can now share videos to your 'All-Company Space' to make your video discoverable to other members of your team. All videos you have previously posted will now live in your All-Company Space. 

What's new in your Library?

Loom has shifted from Posting to sharing within Spaces which allows you to share with specific team members in your workspace.  Here is what has changed in your Library:

Tab How it works
Videos All videos you have created will be stored here, this includes videos you have shared in other spaces
Folders All your personal folders are stored in your Video library. Any folder you previously posted will be stored in the All company space.
All Company Space

Posting has been replaced with sharing to your All-company space. The All company space is a space visible to all members in your workspace! 



How can I organize and find content?

Here are the different ways you can organize and find your content:

Feature How it works
Tags You can use tags to discover your team's content and organize your videos on specific topics (for example, #introductions, #designs, #pitch, #performance).
Create Spaces  Spaces are a way for you to create dedicated areas to organize and find videos related to a project, team, or topic.

You can create space by visiting your Spaces tab on the left side panel of your Loom library.
Note: You must be on a Business, Enterprise, or Education plan, to create a space
Search bar

You can search the video name, a tag, a space, or a phrase mentioned in the transcript.


How to make a video available for your team?

1. Share to your All company space. When you share to your All company space, it makes your video available for everyone in your workspace to view. 

2. Share via the URL or share options. You can share via the standard share function or by copying the link.




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Happy recording! 🎥 😄


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