How to invite Creator Lite members on Business

Get more of your team collaborating with video messaging for free. 

The Creator Lite role is a great way to introduce your team to Loom. You can invite up to 50 individuals to start recording with Loom for free on a Business Workspace. Creator Lite members can record and keep up to 25 videos in the Business Workspace with a 5-minute recording limit. Starter users with over 25 videos will be able to keep and access their existing videos; they just won't be able to record new ones without upgrading to Creator. 

As an Admin this allows you to give more of your team access to Loom cost-free, and manage their videos in one centralized Workspace.

The Creator Lite role

Creator Lite allows users to record, edit, and share basic videos for free with limitations:

    • 25 video limit (including archived videos)

    • 5-minute recording limit

    • Business plan features are not accessible

    • Not available in Enterprise Workspaces

Read more about the Creator Lite role here.

Inviting Creator Lite users

Creator Lite helps you:

👉Get more of your team on Loom

👉Get teammates who are on a Loom Starter plan into a single Business Workspace

Get started by going to the Members tab of your Workspace settings. From here, you can send invites by following the instructions in this help article or the videos below:


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Happy recording! 🎥 😄

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