How to see who has viewed your video

Understand who's watched your video - and more. 👀

All Creators on Loom have access to Viewer Insights, which shows who has watched your video. If you're a Business or Enterprise user, you can take these insights a step further with Engagement Insights, which shows how viewers have interacted with your video. You can find both where it says Views above your video. 

Viewer Insights

👉 Available on Loom Starter and Loom for Education plans.

Viewer Insights shows who has watched your video. We count a view if someone watches your video:

  • For at least 5 seconds

  • For 75% of the total duration

  • If they scrub all the way to the end and the video finishes

If a viewer watches the video while logged into their Loom account, the view will show their name. We'll still count views by viewers not logged into an account, but the view will show up as Anonymous.

What are 'Anonymous views'?

If someone watches your video while not logged into a Loom account, it will display as an Anonymous view. There is no way to see who has viewed your video if they're not logged into Loom.


Engagement Insights

👉 Available on Business & Enterprise plans.

Engagement Insights show both who has watched your video and how they've interacted with it. This includes the following:

  • Completion rate (on average, how much of a video viewers with a tracked session watched)

  • Call-to-action conversion rate (the percentage of viewers with a tracked session that clicked on your call-to-action)


Learn more about Viewer Insights and Engagement Insights to better understand your videos' interactions.

👉 Available on Enterprise plans.

You can choose if want viewers who aren’t logged in to provide an email to be able to access the video. You can choose one of the following:

    • Require email: Viewers will be forced to provide a valid email address before watching. 

    • Ask for email: Viewers will receive a pop-up to add their email before watching but have the option to bypass it.

    • No email: Viewers will not need to provide any information to view.

👉More information on how to de-anonymize views can be found here

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