How to take a screenshot

Capture and share screenshots straight to your Workspace. 📸

With screenshots on Loom, you can easily capture and share images with the rest of your team and beyond. Just as we create instant URLs for each video you record on Loom, we create shareable URLs for each screenshot you take on Loom as well. Each screenshot you take in Loom lives in the screenshots tab of the Personal Library of your Workspace for easy access.


Capturing a screenshot

Use the cmd + shift + 1 (Mac) or ctrl + shift + 1 (Windows) keyboard shortcut for full size or the Start Capture button under the Screenshot tab in your UI to take a screenshot. Use cmd + shift + 2 (Mac) or ctrl + shift + 2 (Windows) for custom size. You can change the shortcut in your preferences if you want.


We currently support full size and custom size screenshots.

Sharing a screenshot

After you capture your screenshot, Loom will automatically open the screenshot in a new tab with a shareable link. You can toggle this on and off in your preferences as well.


The link will also be automatically copied to your clipboard. You can then send the link to your team to view, just as you would a normal video on Loom.

Other screenshot features

You can also download your screenshot as a file and save it to your desktop, delete your screenshot from your library, and change the title of your screenshot.



Can I take a screenshot of my window?
Not right now, but we plan to add the option to capture a window in addition to full screen and custom size screenshots.
What else can I expect in the future from screenshots in Loom?
We plan to add updates to share viewer reactions and comments to screenshots as well as editing options like adding calls-to-action, annotating screenshots, and searching for screenshots. We also plan to add the option to organize your screenshots into folders. Stay tuned!

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Happy recording! 🎥 😄

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