How to find the video parts stored on your computer when an upload fails (Mac App)

If you're recording with the Loom Desktop App on a Mac computer and you see the following error message, there was likely an interruption to your internet connection which caused the recording to fail.

⚠️If you're using a Windows device, please instead follow the steps here


There is a chance some files were saved to your computer locally and we can attempt to manually recover your video. This article will show you how. 

But first, how to avoid this for future recordings?  

  • Make sure you're connected to a strong, stable connection. You can check your connection here. We recommend to have at least 5mbps upload speed for good results.
  • Restart your device.  
  • Check if your Loom application is up to date. 


What you can do to recover this video 🔧

It is possible there are video parts saved locally on your device. Please bear in mind that this is not always the case and we might not be able to recover your video at all. 

If you can locate the missing video parts, please send the files (.ts) to our team and we will attempt a manual video recovery for you. Here's how to check: 

  1. Open your finder, and browse to /Users/username/Movies/Loom/Temporary/videoID. It will look something like this: 


    Open the folder that corresponds to your video ID, this is your video ID: 


  2. Compress (zip) the corresponding folder and upload it to your preferred cloud storage service (Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, Box, WeTransfer, etc...).
  3. Send the uploaded folder to us via our Support form here. Please include your video ID and zipped folder links in your message for faster assistance.

    We'll do our best to recover it for you! 🤞

This video will also walk through these steps 

If you cannot locate these parts 🗂

Unfortunately, this means we will not be able to recover this. We're so sorry for this interruption to your work. We're working really hard to improve our recording stability, thanks for your support while we keep pushing to improve this.


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