How to edit your personal account settings

Update your account settings or notifications, or change your Loom avatar. 🖇

You can manage your Loom account from within your Account & preferences page. In this area you'll be able to manage the below features:


Manage your personal account settings

Manage your Loom integrations

  • With Loom's link expanding feature, copying & pasting a Loom video link into supported platforms will automatically pull in the Loom embed player. This allows you to watch the video inline so you don't have to leave the context of the conversation or document. 

  • To enable this, from your Integrations tab, you can toggle each integration on or off (ensure you have the Loom Chrome extension installed to facilitate the link expanding feature).


Manage your notifications

  • Loom notifications are delivered in real-time so you always know when someone interacts with your video.

  • Here you can choose which notifications you'd like to receive. 

Workspace settings 

  • If you're logged in as a Team Admin you'll have the ability to add or remove team members, change your team's roles, and access billing information for your Workspace. This is not done through your personal account settings but rather in your Workspace settings. More details on how to manage your team's subscription here. 


Please note only Admins will have access to this space. 

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Happy recording! 🎥 😄

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