How to manage your notifications

Managing your Email, Desktop, and Mobile notifications is easy. πŸ””

Loom notifications are delivered in real-time so you always know when someone interacts with your video.

There are different types of notifications:

You can choose to receive notifications via email or from within the desktop or mobile apps.

  • Your video is first viewed: When your video is watched for the first time
  • Comments or replies on your video: When left a comment on your video
  • Mentions of you in a comment or a reply: When someone mentions you in a comment or reply
  • New replies to your comments: When someone replied to your comment on a video
  • Emoji reactions on your video: When someone leaves an emoji
  • Someone shares a video with you: When someone shares a video specially with you
  • Collaborator changes the privacy of your video: When someone you shared edit access to a video with changes the sharing privacy settings 
  • New additions to a Space: When someone adds you or shares new videos into a Space

How can I manage my notifications?

You can turn on or off your activity notifications from your Personal Settings at any time.

Under your Notifications settings, there are two areas: Email and Desktop and mobile. You can adjust your notifications according to your preferences.


How can I manage my notifications in mobile?

In Loom mobile, you can manage your notifications in Settings. Click on Notifications to toggle them on and off.

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How can I manage my notifications in Slack?

Navigate to the Loom app page within Slack. From here you will be able to edit all your notifications settings under the "Home" tab. You can view notifications by clicking on the "Messages" tab. 


⚠️To see notifications within Slack you will need to have your Loom account connected to Slack; more information on how to connect your account can be found here.

If you've enabled your desktop notifications but are not receiving any, check here:πŸ‘‡ 

Chrome browser Safari browser

You will need to manually enable notifications to be allowed in Chrome.

  1. To do this, click on the Secure lock icon available next to your URL bar and choose to "Always allow" notifications.




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