How to use AI workflows

Automate your daily tasks with AI workflows. 📘

Loom AI workflows transform your video into a text document or message, ready to share with your team. With AI workflows, you can use your Loom video to do one of the following:

Please Note

Loom AI workflows are only available on Loom's AI Suite. You can learn more about Loom's AI suite pricing and billing here

Write a Text Document

After you have recorded a video, Loom AI will automatically turn your video into a text document based on the content of your transcript. To make things easier we will provide you with the following templates to choose from: SOP, Step-by-step guide, PR description, QA steps, and Code docs. Once you've chosen your template, select Copy text and your document is ready to share.

You can edit the document directly in Loom’s text editor if you need to make some tweaks.
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Please Note: Write a document is only supported in English at this time. We are working to support more languages soon!

Create an issue 

You can log a bug tickets quickly using your Loom video. After recording a video, Loom AI will generate a report for you that includes a short description, steps to reproduce, and a link to your video that you can submit directly to Jira or Linear. To link a ticket, you must authenticate your preferred Linear or Jira account.  Here's how: 👇

Jira Linear
  1. Select Link Jira button.  
    Screenshot 2024-04-26 at 3.12.08 PM.png
  2. You will be presented with a pop-up window where you will need to log into Jira.
  3. From here, select a specific workspace you want to add tickets to. 
  4. You will then be redirected back to your video share page. 
  5. Loom AI will fill out the Jira Project, Type, and Priority (you can always edit these if needed).
  6. When you are satisfied with the report, select Create in Jira. You should then be redirected to the new Jira ticket .🎉

Note: Linking an issue to Jira only works for a single Jira workspace. If you are signed into multiple workspaces, then you will need to manually revoke the app in Jira and reauthorize the other workspace.

Are you running into the error shown below while connecting to Jira?

If you are please contact your Jira admin and ask them to authorize Loom to Jira by Linking a Loom issue with Jira as listed in the steps above. Once a Jira admin has linked Loom and Jira, then all other Jira workspace members will be able to link the two and successfully create an issue.

Screenshot 2024-04-05 at 11.36.39 AM.png

Write a Message  

You can use AI workflows to write a message summarizing the Loom video you want to share. Easily change the tone of your message, to customize it for your audience by selecting Slack & teams or Email.

Note: Write a Message feature does not currently support uploaded videos, but we are working on adding that capability soon!

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AI workflows will not generate if the following are true:

    • The video has no speech 
    • The video was recorded before you purchased Loom AI Suite.
    • Write a Message will not generate for uploaded videos (we are working to support uploaded videos soon).
    • Write a Document is only supported English (we are working on adding more languages soon). 

If the above is not true and AI workflows are still not generated, please try refreshing your Loom share page. 



How do I disconnect my Jira and or Linear account from Loom? 
To disconnect from Jira do the following 👉Visit your Atlassian Profile > Connect apps > scroll to Loom > Revoke Access

To disconnect from Linear do the following 👉Visit your Workspace Settings > Security and Access > Authorized Applications > hover over Loom and Revoke Access.

If you want to re-connect your Linear or Jira account again follow the steps above.
Can I access AI workflows on Loom's mobile app?
No, Loom's mobile apps do not currently support AI workflows. If you recorded a Loom video on the mobile app you will need to access AI workflows via a web browser on Desktop device. 
What happens if I edit or stitch my video? Do AI workflows get updated?
Yes! AI workflows are generated on demand so the workflows should reflect the edited video content. 
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