How to add or remove Loom AI Suite

In this article, you'll learn how billing works for the Loom AI Suite.⚡️

AI Suite Pricing 

A 20% discount is available to Business customers with annual billing. Loom AI Suite is $4/creator/mo with annual billing and $5/creator/mo seat with monthly billing. When purchasing Loom AI you will be billed for every paid seat (Creators/Admins) in your workspace. Annual customers will not be able to purchase Loom AI with monthly billing.

Adding Loom AI suite to your plan

Loom AI is available as a paid add-on for Business and Enterprise plans. Starter Free and Education plans cannot purchase the Loom AI suite. 

To purchase the Loom AI suite, you'll need to be the Workspace Admin (to purchase on an Enterprise plan, reach out to sales here). Heres how:

  1. Visit your Workspace settings and navigate to the Plan & Billing page

  2. If you are already on a Business plan you can scroll down and click Buy Now under Loom AI. If you are upgrading to a Business plan you can add Loom AI during your upgrade checkout process (as seen below).8CAF7A11-FA49-42D8-82BF-D5D320ACC475_1_201_a.jpeg

  3. Your Loom AI price will be calculated based on the number of Creators you have in your workspace (Loom AI seats = Loom Business seats).

  4. You can edit the number of paid seats you have in step 2 of checkout. CleanShot 2023-08-28 at 16.45.13@2x.png

  5. Finish the checkout flow and you're all set! 

Removing Loom AI suite from your plan

To remove Loom AI suite from your plan, you'll need to be the Workspace Admin. Here's how: 

  1. Visit your Workspace settings and navigate to the Plan & Billing page

  2. Click Manage Subscription 

  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page click Cancel AI only to just remove the Loom AI Suite

Keep in mind that Loom AI Suite will only be discontinued at the end of your current billing cycle so you will not be charged for Loom AI once your plan renews.



Can I purchase the AI suite for only part of my team, without purchasing for all paid seats?

No, the AI suite price is determined by the number of paid Business seats (Creators/Admins) you have within your Workspace. 

If I purchase the AI Suite, will Creator-Lites members in my Workspace have access to AI Suite features?

No, Creator Lite members will not have access to paid seats since they are free seats. 

What happens if I purchase the add-on for my existing Business plan?

If you add Loom AI Suite to your existing paid plan, you’ll pay a prorated amount for the remaining time left on your current billing cycle. On your next billing date, the AI add-on charge will be added to your regular billing cadence.

How much usage is included with the Loom AI Suite add-on?

All paid seats (this excludes creator lites) will have unlimited usage of AI Suite features. 

Is there a free Trial for Loom AI Suite?

Yes, anyone in a Starter free or Business plan workspace is provided complimentary AI uses. A notification in app will appear once you've exhausted your complimentary AI usage. Education plans do not have access to the AI suite. Enterprise plans will not automatically have AI access but can speak to sales here for trial. 

Can I cancel my Loom AI Suite without canceling my Business plan? 

Yes! You can cancel your AI suite within the Plan Billing page. If you remove Loom AI from your plan, you will have access for the rest of your current billing cycle, and usage will be discontinued at the start of the next cycle.

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