Loom's AI Suite

In this article, you'll learn how Loom's AI Suite can enhance your videos in an instant. 📝

Record clearer, faster video messages with Loom AI that engage your audience, all without lifting a finger. Loom AI Suite is a paid add-on for Business and Enterprise plans (learn more about billing here). 

Loom AI Suite currently includes the following features:

    • Auto Titles: a customized video title is automatically generated based on context from the video transcript. (Learn more
    • Auto Summaries: a summary is automatically generated after recording and displayed in the description box below your video. 
    • Auto Chapters: chapters are automatically generated based on topics discussed in your video. The chapter breaks your video up into sections so viewers can navigate with ease. 
    • Auto Message Composer: a tailored message in the format of Slack or Email is automatically for every Loom recorded so you can share with fewer clicks.(Learn more
    • Auto CTA: a custom CTA button based on the webpage you recorded on is automatically created after recording so your audience knows where to go next. (Learn more)
    • Auto Tasks: tasks identify action items you discuss in your Loom and provide suggested tasks that you can either accept or decline for your viewers to see. (Learn more
    • Filler Word Removal Filler words ('ums' and 'uhs') will automatically be removed from your video's audio and transcript so you can sound more polished. (Learn more
    • Silence Removal: extended moments of silence are automatically trimmed out of your video; saving you time editing.

You can edit and toggle on or off AI features from your video editing side panel.

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Please Note:

 Loom AI features are only available for videos recorded after purchasing the Loom AI suite and are unavailable for externally uploaded videos.


What data does OpenAI have access to?
OpenAI only receives transcript data as text files in order to generate titles and summaries. OpenAI does not receive full videos or audio. Additional information about our use of OpenAI can be found at Loom AI FAQ.
Is there a free Trial for Loom AI Suite?
Yes, anyone in a Starter free, Business, and Enterprise workspace is provided complimentary AI uses. A notification in-app will appear once you've exhausted your complimentary AI usage. AI Suite trial is not provided to Education plans
What Loom plans can I buy the AI suite on?
Loom AI is available as an add-on for Business and Enterprise plans. Loom Education users won’t be able to purchase Looms AI suite. Loom Starter Free users will need to upgrade to Business before purchasing the AI suite. 
Can I apply AI features to videos recorded before purchasing the AI suite?
Auto Task, Summaries, Titles, and Chapters can only be applied to a video recorded after purchasing. However, Filler word removal and Silence word removal can be applied to video recorded before purchase. 


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