How to remove filler words from your video

Say goodbye to your excess 'ums' and 'uhs.' ✂️

Filler word removal makes it possible to review your transcript and delete any unnecessary 'ums' and 'uhs.' You can remove filler words from any video of yours that has a transcript, including old videos.

Here's how to remove your filler words:

  1. After you've recorded your video, click Transcript from your video side panel. You'll see your detected filler words at the top of your transcript.


  2. Click Remove and choose between Text only, Text and audio, or Do not remove. After you've selected what you want to remove, your filler words will be highlighted and deleted.

Setting filler word removal as default

Your filler word removal will default to Do not remove unless you follow the steps below to change your default setting.

  1. Select whether you would like Text only orText and audio from the Filler word removal dropdown.
  2. Then click Make this my default setting.
  3. Once your default setting is selected, all new videos you record going forward will be created with the selected default filler word removal setting. 🎉 
  4. You can change your default setting at any time by following the same process. 


What's the difference between removing text only and text and audio?
Removing text only will remove the filler words just from your transcript and closed captions, whereas text and audio will remove the words and mute their audio.
Does removing text and audio work no matter where I play or host a video?
Not always. If you select to remove text and audio, the audio will only be removed when you're playing the video in the web player. In some situations your video's viewers may still hear the audio for filler words. Such cases where audio removal is not supported are on Safari, when looms are downloaded, and on mobile (browsers and the app).


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