Multi-Language Transcriptions

Loom Transcription Supports 50+ Languages! 🗣️

Our mission is to empower effective communication wherever you work and that means overcoming language barriers. 

All Loom customers, regardless of plan, can access video transcriptions in 50+ distinct languages.

How does it work?

  1. Record your video in the language you're most comfortable with.

  2. Loom will automatically produce a precise transcription based on your video's content.

👉 Languages available
Czech Danish Dutch
English Estonian Finnish
French Galician German
Greek Hindi Hungarian
Icelandic Indonesian Italian
Japanese Kannada Kazakh
Korean Latvian Lithuanian
Macedonian Marathi Nepali
Norwegian Polish Portuguese
Romanian Russian Serbian
Slovak Slovenian Spanish
Swahili Swedish Tagalog
Tamil Thai Turkish
Ukrainian Vietnamese  
Afrikaans Armenian Azerbaijani
Belarusian Bosnian Bulgarian
Catalan Chinese Croatian


Can I edit my video transcript?

Yes, you should be able to edit and correct any transcript inaccuracies however you will only be able to edit individual words in your transcript, not the grammar (we currently don’t support corrections to words containing special characters or diacritics - ü, ß, ñ, á, ç, ô, è)

Why can’t I remove filler words?

At this stage, Filler Word Removal is only available on English videos but we intend to extend this feature to other languages soon.

My language is not supported. When it will be added?

While we can't provide a specific timeline for the release of new supported languages, we're actively engaged in enhancing and training our AI model. Our goal is to expand language support and include more languages in the near future.

Is Mandarin and Cantonese supported

At this time we only support Mandarin.

Is traditional or simplified characters (or both) supported for transcripts and closed captions

It can vary between both. We are working on finding consistent results but at this time our AI model produces unpredictable results.

Why is my transcript in a different language than what I was speaking

We use AI for language detection which sometimes produces inaccurate results. We are actively working to refine its accuracy. If you are experiencing multiple occurrences of inaccurate language detection, please let our support team know here

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