How to access admin insights

Glance at your workspace’s usage. ✨

The Admin Insights Dashboard shows high-level information about a workspace's usage, growth, and creators. 

Admins on all plans (Starter free, Business, and Enterprise) will have access to 'At a Glance' insights which include the following:

  • Total number of meetings saved
  • Total hours of looms recorded & hours of looms watched
  • Total interactions

Admins on an Enterprise plan can access the 'At a Glance' insights mentioned above, plus the following:

  • Total video views
  • Top viewers & creators
  • Monthly active users 

How to access Admin Insights 

  1. Navigate to the Insights tab from your Workspace settings.
  2. From here, you can view the Admin Insight Dashboard. 


    💡 You can see the exact totals and dates by hovering over the graphs.


How do I share data from the dashboard with my team? 

There is no way to export data from the admin insight dashboard at this time.

💡 If you need to share insight internally with your team we recommend taking screenshots.

Why is some of the data not accessible or blurred out? 
Only admins on an Enterprise plan have full access to the dashboard. Admins on Starter and Business plans can only view data in the “At a Glance” panel, which gives high-level insight into a workspace’s Loom usage.
How do I adjust the timeline to view data outside of the options presented? 
The dashboard view cannot be adjusted outside of three timelines: 90 days, 1 year, and all time. We suggest downloading the Engagement Insights report, which will allow for more granular filtering. To do that, go to the Data tab on the Workspace Settings page. You can refer to this help article with a walkthrough of the steps for pulling this report.

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