Understanding Folder Structure in Spaces

We have introduced Spaces to your workspaces. This allows you to create dedicated areas to organize and share videos with a specific group of people. With Spaces, you can now organize your Folders within specific Spaces to help make sure the right people discover your content.

Where can my folders live? 

Folders live either in your Library or a Space. Videos within a Folder can be shared in multiple spaces, but folders can only live within one Space.

  • All previously posted folders will now live in the All-company Space (which is a space that all members are able to access and is provided to every workspace).

  • All folders previously in your personal Library still remain in your Library.


Can I move Folders to other spaces?

No, you cannot move folders between spaces. 

How to move a Folder out of the All Company Space:

    1. Hover over the folder you are looking to move and click the “”.


    2. From here, you can select Move and choose which space you want the folder to live in. You can also move the folder back to your Library if the folder only contains videos you created.

    3. Once the folder is moved to another space, any creator who had a video stored in the folder will be notified of the change. 


For how long can I move a folder out of the All-company space?
We have not yet decided when we will remove this functionality. We will be sure to give you a heads-up when we do! 
Can a Workspace Admin move a Folder out of the All-company Space?
No, Folders can only be moved out of the All-company space by the person who created the folder.
Can I move a folder within a Space?
Yes, you can move folders to a subfolder within the same space and create new folders within a space.
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