Understanding Folder Structure in Spaces

 Spaces allow you to create dedicated areas to organize and share videos with a specific group of people. With Spaces, you can now organize your Folders within specific Spaces to help make sure the right people discover your content.

Where can my folders live? 

Folders live either in your Library or a Space. Videos within a Folder can be shared in multiple spaces, but folders can only live within one Space.

  • Folders created in a Space will be accessible to all members in that Space.

  • Folders created in your Library are only visible to you (unless you make the folder link public).


How to create a folder in a Space:

    1. Navigate to the Space you would like to create a Folder. 

    2. From here select New Folder in the top right-hand corner.

      CleanShot 2024-04-10 at 15.58.02@2x.png

    3. Once your folder is created you can select Add Video and add videos from your Libary by searching the video title or URL link. If you are on a paid plan then you also have the option to upload external videos. Screenshot 2024-04-10 at 3.59.31 PM.png


Can I move folders from My Libary to a Space?

No, a folder can not be moved between your Library and a Space.  

Can I move a folder to another space?
No, you cannot move folders between spaces. 
Can I move a folder within a Space?
Yes, you can move folders to a subfolder within the same space and create new folders within a space.
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