How to import Zoom cloud meeting recordings

Easily import and share your Zoom cloud recordings. 📼

This integration is currently only available to our Enterprise plan customers . Admins can connect their Loom workspace with their Zoom account, making it easy for you and your teammates to import Zoom cloud recordings into Loom and automatically share meeting recordings with your teammates.


  • This feature is currently only available on Loom's Enterprise plans.

  • Users must be a Creator or Admin role

  • We only support automatically importing meetings that are recorded to Zoom cloud (not locally)

In this guide you can find the following: 

  1. How to set up the Zoom integration (Admins only)
  2. How to use the Zoom integration (Admins & Creators only)
     â†’ Import recordings currently in your Zoom cloud 
     â†’ Automatically record your Zoom meetings
     â†’ Configuring your Personal Settings
     â†’ Known Issues
  3. Removing the Zoom integration (Admins only)

Here's how to set up the Zoom integration (Admins only):

Whats needed to set up the integration?

  • You must be an Admin in the Loom workspace, AND
  • an Admin on a Zoom Pro, Business, or Enterprise account
  1. Go to the Integrations tab of your Workspace settings.
  2. Under Zoom, click Connect.
  3. Click continue and authorize the app. 
  4. Once the app is authorized, you will see the following integration settings for users in your workspace:
  5. When Enable Zoom cloud recordings import for all Creators is turned on, you are choosing to have any Zoom cloud recordings initiated from Zoom by end users to be automatically imported into their Loom account. If it is turned off, they will have to select meetings they want to import into Loom. They can always override this setting by going to Import Recordings and toggling Auto-import cloud recordings initiated from Zoom
  6. Default privacy setting for imported meetings allows you to set the default privacy setting to Public or Anyone in the Workspace for any imported Zoom cloud recordings. Enterprise plan only: This setting will override your default privacy setting for your workspace. Click Save to apply the setting. 

Note: If you do not see your Zoom Meetings tab after enabling the integration, please try disabling and enabling the integration again.

Here's how to use the Zoom integration (Admins & Creators):

⤵️ Import recordings currently in your Zoom cloud 

  1. There are two ways to directly import previously recorded meetings from your Zoom cloud account:
    • Go to your Home or Library from the sidebar, click on the New video button in the upper right and select Import a recording
    • Go to your Library from the sidebar, and to the Zoom Meetings page. Click on the Import recordings button in the top right corner. 
  2. You will see a list of your recordings that are current in stored in Zoom cloud. 
  3. Select the meetings you want to import to Loom, and click Import
  4. Enabling Auto-import cloud recordings initiated from Zoom will ensure that every time you record a meeting to Zoom cloud, those recordings are automatically imported into Loom. If this is disabled, you can still import those cloud recordings from here. 

Automatically record your Zoom meetings

  1. Go to your Library from the sidebar, and to the Zoom Meetings page. 
  2. You should see a list of your scheduled Zoom meetings where you are the host. Meetings where you are not the host will not show here. 
  3. You can toggle the Record meeting with Loom to automatically start recording this meeting when it starts. 
  4. To configure additional settings for the meeting recording, hover on the the meeting card and click on the pencil in the top right corner. 
  5. From here, you can configure who to share the video with, set the Privacy setting of the meeting, and set what tags to apply to the video once it's imported into Loom. 
  6. Click Update.

Configuring your Personal Settings

You can configure your personal settings related to the Zoom integration. 


    1. Decide what notifications you want to receive in the Notification tab: 
    2. Scroll down to Meeting Recording to configure whether you want to receive notifications for when your Zoom Cloud recording starts uploading, as well as when it's ready to view. 

Integration settings

    1. Under your Personal Settings > Integrations tab, you will see settings related to the Zoom Import integration. 
    2. Toggle Enable Zoom Import off if you do not want to use the Zoom Meetings tab, and do not want any scheduled Zoom meetings to be automatically imported into Loom. (See known issues related to Zoom's auto-record setting)
    3. When Auto-import cloud recordings initiated from Zoom  is turned on, it will automatically import any Zoom recordings you initiate from Zoom. 
    4. Note that even if both settings are disabled, you will always have the option to manually import your Zoom cloud recordings

Sharing your imported Zoom cloud recordings

    1. All of your imported Zoom cloud recordings will show up in your Library under the Videos tab. 
    2. From here, you can easily share your meetings with your teammates by sharing to the All Company Space.

Known Issues:

Meetings configured to auto-record in Zoom 

  • If a meeting is set to Auto-Record in your Zoom client, Loom will treat this meeting as a "Zoom Meeting" and will enable the Record meeting with Loom in your Zoom Meetings page. 
  • In order to entirely disable this, please go to your Integration settings and disable Enable Zoom Import. (More info above)

Recurring meetings 

  • Zoom does not support the notion of "infinitely" recurring meetings (recurring meetings with no end date) that can often be scheduled via Google Calendar. This means that we are unable to surface the meeting date & time of recurring meetings in our UI. 

Zoom meetings settings 

  • In order for a meeting's setting to be correctly applied and auto-recorded, the meeting must be initiated +/- a 6 hour window of the scheduled meeting.
  • For example, if a meeting is scheduled for tomorrow at 9 am and you have set it to be automatically recorded, it does not get imported if the meeting is initiated the prior day (more than 6 hours before the scheduled meeting time). 

Zoom webhook issues 

  • Loom relies on Zoom to notify Loom when a Zoom meeting is scheduled, edited, or recorded by the owner to be able to reflect the changes in our product. During peak hours, however, there can be major delays in the Zoom webhook between when the user initiated the activity and when the notification reaches Loom. 
  • While we are working with Zoom to resolve this issue, please know that in the event that a meeting is not automatically imported, you can always use the Import recordings button to bring the content into Loom.

Removing the Zoom integration (Admins only):

  1. Log in to your Zoom account and go to Advanced > App Marketplace in your sidebar.
  2. Click on Manage (top right) and navigate to ADMIN APP MANAGEMENT > Apps on Account
  3. Click on the Loom for Admins app, go to the Manage tab and click on Disable to disable the app. 


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Happy recording! 🎥😄

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