Understanding your Loom Home

See what's trending in your workspace with Home. 🏡

With Home, you can discover conversations and connect with people in your organization who matter to your work. You can now see what videos and tags are trending in your workspace, and get recommendations on videos to watch and profiles to follow.

What's in your Home?

Home is a curated video feed of recent and relevant looms in your organization that matter to your work. 


Section What you'll find
Trending in your workspace Videos that have been getting the most views in your workspace.
New from people & tags you follow New content shared to your team Space and tags you follow.
Trending tags

Tags that are currently most used in your workspace.

Newly shared in your Spaces

New content has been shared with your Space. 

People to follow

Suggestions for teammates you might want to interact with.

How to use Home

Here are some use cases to help you get the most out of Home:

  • Get inspiration - With Home, it's easy to stumble across conversations that spark ideas and inspire you on your projects.
  • Observe & learn - Watch and someone else’s weekly update? Loved their approach? Try it for your team!
  • Scale knowledge through video - Document those pockets of individual know-how through video messages, and scale it by making it easily searchable and discoverable.


How to engage with content in Home

Here are some ways you can get the most value out of Home:

See how others are using Loom to save time.

Tag your videos

 Label your looms by topics, projects, categories, and more.

Follow profiles & tags

Follow conversations by people and topics that matter to your work.

Why we created Home

We like to think of Home as the virtual water cooler. 🚰 With Home, we've created a space where spontaneous async conversations spark ideas across your workspace. 

You can connect with people you don’t directly work with; stumble across conversations that spark ideas; get more visibility across your organization; learn from observation, and just have fun. 🎉



Questions, comments, concerns? Contact us here. 

Happy recording! 🎥 😄

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