How to organize your videos with tags

Use tags to help your teammates discover videos faster. 🚀

Tags are a great way to organically surface relevant Loom videos with your team. You can add tags to videos you'd like to revisit later or to help add context to a video. The purpose of these tags is not to replace folders, but to allow your team to easily follow topics they are interested in. 

Important Note

Videos will not appear in a search tag unless they have been shared to a space first. The reason for this is that sharing a video with a space makes the content more accessible and easier to find for a relevant project, team, or topic.

Using tags will help you: 

    • Add context to your Loom video. 

    • Highlight and discover new content in your library.

    • Group together videos on a specific topic (i.e #designreview #pitch #performance).

Creating tags

To add a new tag, click the video you want to add a tag to and scroll down to the bottom. From there, you will be able to add, remove and see how many other videos are associated with that tag.

💡 Newly added tags may require up to 24 hours to update and become visible in the search filters. 


Following tags

If you visit a tag frequently, you can follow that tag to stay up to date. All the tags you follow will remain on the left side of your Library for easy access.

If you want a video to be seen with other team members, make sure to share it with your All company space. 

Searching via tags

To discover your team members' videos, you can search by tags by clicking on the tag or using the search bar at the top of your Loom homepage. All videos shared to your All company space with that particular tag will surface.

Note: Looms search index updates once a day. That being said you will need to wait at least 24 hours before searching for a recently added tag in the search bar or spaces 'tagged with' filter. 

Tips when using tags

  • Tags do not support spaces or punctuation ex. #Bug-trim) so it's best to keep it simple.

  • Avoid creating tags to replicate folder structures (ex. #SalesAugust), as there is a folder structure in place to fulfill these needs.

  • Check which tags are more frequently used before adding a tag (ex. is the tag video count higher with #bug or #bugs).

  • Merging tags is not possible at the moment.

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Happy recording! 🎥 😄

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