Advanced Onboarding with Loom

How to async your workflow

In this section, we'll show you how to use Loom to help with work-from-home and hybrid work productivity. Below you will find key actions that you can take to improve your effectiveness, productivity, and happiness, no matter where you're working. Just think, maybe that live feedback call or presentation could have been a loom? 

1. How to record your presentation


2. How to provide feedback with Loom


3. When to meet, chat, or record a loom


Top 10 Loom Use Cases

Here we walk through the top 10 ways to use Loom. This includes daily messages, internal documentation, and giving feedback - just to name a few! 


Department Use Cases

See how other teams are using Loom to communicate more effectively. We'd also love to hear how you and your team are using Loom! Let us know. ๐Ÿ™


Vinay Loom's CTO and co-founder, speaks about how the Engineering team uses Loom to tackle incident investigation, code reviews, bug reporting and documentation.

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Joe, Loom's CEO and cofounder show us how he uses Loom to provide additional context, give feedback, and have better, fewer meetings!

Sales / Revenue
Sam, Loom's VP of Sales and Success, shows us how his Revenue functions use Loom for conducting outreach, building culture internally, planning OKRs, and aligning the team.

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Laura, Loom's Director of Demand Generation, shows us how to use Loom to evaluate marketing tools and negotiate with vendors via video.

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Customer Success
Tessa, on Loom's Customer Success team, walks through how she helps her team establish relationships with executive sponsors, scales customer onboarding with evergreen content, and has fewer, better meetings.

Customer Support
Lauren, from Loom Customer Support, shows us how to use Loom to delight customers, reduce unnecessary back and forth, and train new team members.


Stewart, Loom's Head of Design, shows us how his Design team uses Loom to do daily stand-ups, share async design feedback, and build culture.

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Product Teams
Anique, Loom's VP of Product, shows us how her product team uses Loom for roadmapping, design reviews, giving feedback, and consuming data insights.
Ashley, Loom's Director of Legal, shows us how her team users Loom, including adding context to contract questions, showing - not telling - for product decisions, and sharing documentation for other teams.


Looking for a few more useful tips and tricks?  

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