How to set up Loom's Salesforce integration (beta)

Loom's Salesforce integration allows your Sales and Marketing teams to gain better insight into how their videos are performing directly in Salesforce at the Lead, Contact, and Opportunity level. ๐Ÿ‘€

Please Note

Our Salesforce integration is currently in beta for users on Loom's Enterprise plan. To enable the integration in Loom, you need to be an Admin in your Workspace. To enable it in Salesforce, you'll need to be a Salesforce Admin. These Admins do not need to be the same person. To use the integration, you'll need to be a Creator in Loom and a Salesforce user.

In some cases, your Salesforce workspace settings may prevent you from integrating your Loom Workspace with Salesforce. We are working on an AppExchange application to address this issue. We currently provide support for Enterprise, Unlimited, and Developer versions of Salesforce.

If you're a Loom Workspace Admin

  1. Go to the Integrations tab in your Loom Workspace Settings.

  2. Click Connect Loom for Salesforce. You'll then see the option to connect in Salesforce. Click on the link to start setting things up on Salesforce's end.


If you're a Salesforce Admin

  1. After you've set up the integration in Loom, click on the link to Salesforce. You'll be prompted to add Loom as an app. Select Install for All Users and accept the terms and conditions.


  2. Once the app is done loading, click Done, which will take you to your Salesforce workspace.

  3. To manage application now that it's installed, go to Setup in the top right corner under the gear icon.


  4. Click on Object Manager in the top left. The application can be added to Leads, Contacts, and Opportunities.


  5. Search for Lead and click on the top result under Objects. Select Page Layouts from the left sidebar.


  6. Click on Lead Layout. Under Fields, scroll down to Visualforce Pages and click on it. You'll see a Loom section under Additional Information, which you can drag up. Save the view.


  7. Repeat this process for Contacts and Opportunities.

  8. To test the integration, search for yourself in the Sales cloud. You should be able to see the Loom application under the Details tab. Any Engagement Insights that come from your video will appear there.

Here's a video tutorial of these steps:

Read/write permissions in Salesforce

In some cases, your Salesforce instance will require you to enable read/write permissions for Loom videos in order to send Loom video to Salesforce. You can read more about how to configure custom profiles or custom permission sets in Salesforce. We have included an example of how you can enable Loom video read/write access for users below.

Please Note

The Salesforce configurations often vary by edition and customer configuration, so these steps are approximations.

Questions, comments, concerns? Contact us here.  

Happy recording! ๐ŸŽฅ ๐Ÿ˜„

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