How true-up billing works when you add Creators

Understand the impact on your billing when you add Creators. 🧾

If you signed up for Loom with our sales team and are on a contract

If you are a Business or Enterprise customer on a monthly, quarterly, or annual contract you will receive true-up bills if you add Creators to your Workspace and the number of Creators exceeds the minimum number of Creators in your contract.

A true-up is calculated from the time a user becomes a Creator through the end of your contract period. For example, if you are on an annual contract, and you end the month with 12 Creator seats above your minimum count, you will get billed for those 12 seats through to the end of your annual contract period.

Seats over your contracted amount will be billed on a prorated basis, so you will only be charged for the amount of time that someone was a Creator.

If you're on a self-serve account

If you're on a self-serve plan, we will calculate the prorated cost of new members and bill you in the next month’s billing cycle. Learn more here.

If a Creator is downgraded in the workspace, they retain Creator access for the remainder of the cycle. If a member of the workspace is deactivated, the seat will be forfeiting all fees and access for the remainder of that billing cycle. 


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