Enterprise plan FAQ

Answers to most common questions about Loom's Enterprise plan ✅

Features ⚙️

What does the Enterprise plan include?

On the Business plan, you'll have access to all the tools and features included in the Business plan, plus:

  • Unlimited Creator accounts in your Workspace
  • Unlimited Viewer accounts
  • Unlimited videos and screenshots
  • Unlimited recording length
  • Single sign-on (SSO)
  • SCIM (coming soon!)
  • Advanced private content 
  • Salesforce integration (beta)

What's the main difference between the Business and Enterprise plans?

Workspaces subscribed to the Enterprise plan get access to advanced security and administration features, including Single-Sign-On (SSO), SCIM (coming soon), and advanced privacy content.

Both the Business and Enterprise plans include all the features available on Loom's Starter plan.

See our pricing page for a full feature comparison.

Pricing 💵

What does the Enterprise plan cost?

Enterprise accounts are priced per Creator account in a Workspace at a custom rate depending on volume. Viewer accounts are always free and unlimited.

How does Loom calculate price?

Pricing is based on the number of Creators. Viewer accounts are always free. When Admins invite new members to their Workspace, they can choose if they'd like this member to have 'Creator' Or 'Viewer' access. Workspace Admins can always find the current total cost on their Plan & Billing page.

Trialing an Enterprise plan 🖥

How long is the free trial of the Enterprise plan?

Trials for Enterprise plans are 14 days long.

What happens at the end of my free trial?

At the end of your free trial, if you choose to not continue using Enterprise, you'll lose access to the features exclusive to the Enterprise plan (read here for a full list of features).

If you choose to continue using Enterprise and start a paid subscription, your billing cycle will not start until your free trial ends.

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