How to use multiple Workspaces

Stay organized through separate Workspaces, all within one account. 🗄

Libraries and folders help you keep your work organized while using Loom, but separate Workspaces take this a step further by functioning totally independently of each other—all within a single account. Each Workspace can contain totally different members and content, and individual members of one Workspace won't be able to see other Workspaces you're in.

If you have an existing Loom account and you join your team on a Business account, we'll automatically create a Personal Workspace, where your existing content will be migrated, alongside your team's Workspace. In addition to this, you can be part of multiple Workspaces if you're invited by other members.

Why do I have multiple Workspaces?

Your Workspace keeps your content separated inside a single Loom account. Through multiple Workspaces, you can have different members in different Workspaces so that each group of people has access to different content. You may be invited to join different Workspaces to reflect different teams or projects, as videos in your Team Library are otherwise visible to everyone on your team.

If you're an Admin of your Workspace, you can set each up with different configurations such as appearance (custom branding), security (SSO), and more to come in the future.

Switching between Workspaces

To move between Workspaces, just switch the toggle in the Workspace switcher in the top left of your Workspace.


Your default Workspace

If you're part of multiple Workspaces, we'll automatically select your default Workspace based on plans and Workspace sizes. For example, if you're a member of both a Business Workspace and a Starter Workspace, your Business Workspace will automatically become default. You'll be notified in-app and via email when this happens, and you can always change the default Workspace (see below).

Changing your default Workspace

Once you're a member of more than one Workspace, you'll see the option to change your default Workspace at the top left of your screen. Any new recordings you create will be saved in the Personal Library of the Workspace you've set as default. You can change your default Workspace in the Workspace switcher or in your personal settings.



Using your new Workspace

Your new Workspace is entirely separate from any other Workspaces you have. That means each Workspace can have different teams with different members. Content can only be shared among those members of the Workspace. 

If you need to transfer content between workspace, you can do so by following the steps here. Please note you will only be able to transfer content in bulk. If you want to transfer select videos and are on our Business or Enterprise account, you can download a video from one Workspace and manually upload it to your preferred Workspace as a workaround.

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Happy recording! 🎥 😄

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