How to troubleshoot issues when signing into the Loom app or extension

If you're having trouble accessing your Loom account, we have steps to solve the problem.👇


Steps to follow

Check your login method

If you signed up via Google Auth, Slack, or Apple login, you'll need to access Loom via this same method. Try both Google Auth as well as email and password options. You can remove Google Auth/Slack/Apple login from your account from your profile settings; this article will show you how.

Reset your cache & Chrome to default settings                                                               

First, please clear your cookie & cache via the below steps:

1) Open Chrome and enter the following URL in a new tab: chrome://history/
2) Select 'Clear Browsing Data'If this doesn't work, you can try to reset your Chrome browser to default settings, following the steps here

If you have encountered an Error Message

Error: "Oops! Something went wrong on our end. Please try that again"

This indicates that you may have internet protection software installed which is blocking your access to log into Loom. In this case, please review your internet security provider. This article will show you the ports/domain to whitelist.

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Happy recording! 🎥 😄

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