How we calculate Engagement Insights

Engagement Insights show how people engage with your video, not just who viewed it. 📊

Available to Workspaces subscribed to a Business or Enterprise plan, with Engagement Insights, you'll see:

  • Completion rate (on average, how much of a video viewers with a tracked session watched)
  • Call-to-action conversion rate (the percentage of viewers with a tracked session that clicked on your call-to-action)


A video's completion and call-to-action conversion rate ranges are color-coded:

  • 0-25%: Red 🔴
  • 26-59%: Yellow 🟡
  • 60-100%: Green 🟢

For more comprehensive information, you can export these Insights through a CSV export

How are Engagement Insights different to the insights I see for my videos today?

Engagement Insights are additive to Viewer Insights, which are available on all Loom subscriptions. For each viewer with a tracked session, Viewer Insights show you:

  • Number of views and view times (the total number of times, and when, your video was viewed)
  • Number of comments and timestamps (how many comments were added and the times they were left)
  • Number of reactions and timestamps (how many reactions were added and the times they were left)



Who can see Engagement & Viewer Insights?

All members of a Workspace will be able to see Viewer & Engagement Insights for videos that are:

  • In their Personal Library (videos they have recorded)
  • In their Shared Library (videos they have been invited to edit that were recorded by other another Workspace member)
  • In the Team Library (videos that other members of the Workspace recorded and decided to make available to all members of the Workspace)
Why am I missing or seeing incomplete data?

Your video's Engagement Insights might be incomplete. Loom won't include data for the following types of views:

  • Views from before Loom's Engagement Insights feature went live
  • Views on the Loom for iOS app
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