How to add, remove and manage members in your Workspace

As a Workspace Admin, you are able to keep track of your team's subscriptions and permissions and allow easy access to add, remove, and edit team members from the Manage Workspace area.  

Please note only Admins will have access to this account setting. 

In this area, you can perform the following actions: 

  1. Invite and remove team members.
  2. Manage your team's permissions: 
    ∙  Admins: Have permission to edit who is on the team, including their role, send invites, and view billing.
     Creators and Creator Lites: Can invite other Creator Lites to the Workspace.
  3. Update team members' email & send password resets.

How to edit your team

  1. Change roles
    Select the checkbox next to your team member's name to reveal the editing panel, then use the drop-down under Change Role to toggle between Admin, Creator, and Creator Lite.
  2. Reset password
    Select the checkbox next to your team members' names to reveal the editing panel and select Send password reset.
  3. Remove a member from your team
    Select the checkbox next to your team members' name to reveal the editing panel and select the Deactivate account. This will mean they no longer have access to your Workspace.

    You can also downgrade multiple accounts at once by bulk selecting the relevant accounts then hitting deactivate accounts to apply this action to all users. 

How to invite new teammates to join your workspace

Once you've invited team members to your Workspace, new members will have full access to view your workspace and, if they're Creators or Creator Lites, will be able to contribute videos to your collaborative library. 

You can invite individual team members by email or bulk invite by uploading a CSV. 


  1. From your Manage Workspace, Members page, select Invite Members in the top right.
  2. Add your team member's email address, select their role from the drop-down, and hit invite. 
  3. An invite will be sent to their email address, and once they accept, they will have access to your Workspace.
  4. To check if your team member has accepted your invite, scroll to the bottom of the page and you'll see invited if they're yet to accept. 



You can also invite members using an invite link, which allows you to share a link and invite teammates in bulk. Anyone in your team can generate and share a link, and when you share it, you can select which role you want people to join as.




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