Domains and ports to whitelist to allow Loom on your network

If you're recording on a protected network, there can be firewalls/proxy's blocking Loom. This can block your ability to record successfully. 

Issue symptoms

  • Repeated failed recordings (video ending prematurely, can't start a recording, etc...).
  • Loom application displays as a blank box.

  • Abrupt recording endings - due to 1006 websocket error. 
  • Recording error from Chrome: 


Here's how to fix this:

Whitelist the below addresses and IPs in your firewall. 

When whitelisting access for Loom, it's best to whitelist all subdomains in order to ensure future services we add behind a new subdomain don't get blocked.

Please whitelist:


These are the whitelist specifications:



IP Addresses



  • wss
  • https


  • 80
  • 443

To do this:

You may need to contact your network administrator to configure your firewall to whitelist the above networks.

For additional information on our security infrastructure, read our Loom Security White Paper

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