Can't record cam bubble across tabs, edit recording settings, or capture internal audio? Loom SDK limitations.

If you are logged into your Loom account and select New video or Record a video and have not yet installed the Loom Chrome Extension or Desktop app  than Loom will automatically redirect you to our SDK recorder. 

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Our SDK recorder is our back-up recorder that provides you with a limited recording experience. If our are recording with Loom SDK you might run into one the limitations below. 👇


  • Cam bubble disappears when you switch tabs- Camera bubble is only visible on the tab that you started the recording on.
  • Cannot access recording settings - virtual backgrounds, recording countdown and more are not accessible via the SDK recorder. 
  • Cannot capture internal audio- SDK does not allow you to capture the audio from your device (ex. Zoom meetings, Youtube. ect.)

Here's how to fix this:

To fix this and get the full Loom recording experience you will need to download the Loom Chrome Extension or Desktop app .

Desktop app (recommended) 👉Visit this page to install (more information on how to install here). 

Chrome Extension 👉 Visit our Chrome store here to install.



 Questions, comments, concerns? Contact us here.   

Happy recording! 🎥 😄

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