How to collect recorder logs for troubleshooting

When troubleshooting issues with Loom recorders, the logs are examined to identify relevant errors.

Below you will find instructions on how to send your logs to the Loom support team based on which recorder you are using.

This type of log helps the Loom Support team expedite the troubleshooting process.

How to collect and send logs based on recorder:

Desktop App 

Please Note: Our support team will only be able to access Desktop app logs within the first seven days that they were sent.

  1. Open the Loom application
  2. Click on the three little dots (...)
    CleanShot 2024-04-19 at 14.12.16@2x.png
  3. Click on About.
  4. Select Share Debug Logs to Loom
  5. A file will be sent straight to our engineering team.

Chrome Extension

  1. Attempt a couple of recordings until the issue presents itself. 
  2. Then right-click on your Loom icon
  3. Select Get Extension Logs (this will download immediately).
  4. Attach and send the file in to our Support team


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Happy recording! 🎥 😄

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