Transcript, AI or editing issue

Are you experiencing one of the following issues?

AI title summaries and chapters were not generated for my video. 
Ai titles summaries and chapters will not generate if your video meets any of the following:
  • The video was uploaded to Loom or recorded on Loom's mobile app
  • The video has no speech.
  • The video is too short (less than 30 seconds). 
  • The title or summary field is edited before a title or summary is generated. 
My transcript is in the wrong language.
Sometimes, we don't always get it right. If you are seeing the wrong transcript language, please submit a request to our support below. We can't guarantee we will be able to fix the language but we will do our best.
My transcript has not been generated.
If your transcript is not appearing we recommend downloading your video and re-uploading if you are on a business plan. If re-uploading does not work or you are on a starter-free plan, feel free to reach out to our support team below for assistance.


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