How to use Auto Task

Don't just talk about it, take action with Loom Task. 

Loom AI Tasks automatically identifies action items you discuss in your Loom and provides suggested tasks that you can accept for your viewers to view!

Please Note

To use Loom AI features, you will need to have purchased the Loom AI suite add-on (more information here). AI features will only be available on video recorded after purchasing Loom AI Suite.

How to add and edit a Task

  1. After you have recorded a Loom, navigate to the Activity tab in your video editing side panel. From here you should see a list of Tasks automatically created based on the content of your video transcript.  
  2. You can choose to either Accept or Decline the task list. 
    Accept: this will make the task visible to your viewers.
    Dismiss: this will hide the task from your viewers and remove it from the suggested task list. 
  3. If something is not quite accurate, you have the option to Edit the task by clicking the Pen icon.
  4. You can also manually Add a Task. To add, scrub to the section of the video you want the task to appear then click 'Add Task' in the activity tab. 

How will the Task appear to my viewers?

⚠️ Tasks are only visible to viewers signed into Loom. 

When you have accepted or added a task to your video, that task will appear in the video player and the side panel activity log as seen below. Your viewer will be able to react to the task you added and copy the link to the task to share. 

CleanShot 2023-12-21 at 15.41.08.jpeg

If you do not see a suggested task, your video may not meet the needed requirements.

 Instances when Auto Tasks will not be generated include the following:

  • The video has no speech.
  • The video is shorter than 60 seconds.
  • The video was uploaded to Loom or recorded on Loom's mobile app.
  • The video is duplicated
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