How to identify your viewers

Easily track who viewed your video. 🎥 

When a viewer is not logged into Loom, the video view remains anonymous. Using one of the following methods, you can identify viewers who do not have a Loom account or are simply not logged in: 

👉Request email to view

👉Add query parameters to your video URL 

👉 Track views

Please Note

These features are only available to users on Enterprise and Business plans. 

Request email to view

  • Require email: Viewers will be forced to provide a valid email address before watching. 

  • Ask for email: Viewers will receive a pop-up to add their email before watching but have the option to bypass it. 

  • No email: Viewers will not need to provide any information to view

Here's how to request an email from viewers: 

  1. First, set your video privacy setting to 'Anyone with a link can view'.
    Sep-15-2023 12-11-14.gif
  2. From your video share page, click on the Settings tab from your video side panel.

  3. Navigate to the Audience tab.  From here, you can use the dropdown from Request email to view to choose one of the following: Require email, Ask for email, or No email.


Here's how:

  1. First, set your video privacy setting to “Anyone with the link can view”.

  2. Then copy the video URL.
  3. Add the intended viewers to the end of the URL path with:

👉 ?

Example of Full URL:


If there is already another parameter in your URL then the anon_email should be added with an & like so:


When an anonymous viewer opens the link, the view will be associated with the email provided in the URL.


  • If you added email query parameters and you have Ask for email or Require Email turned ON the anonymous user will NOT be presented to provide an email (the anon_email provided in the URL removes the need for the gate). 

  • If the viewer is logged in to Loom the view will be associated with their Loom account (not the anon_email provided in the URL)

  •  Ask for email and Require Email functionalities do not work on embedded videos (this includes videos viewed in Slack). 


Using query parameters with engagement tools 

If you are crafting an email template for a sequence in a tool like Outreach or Salesloft, the anon_email query parameter can be used with an Outreach variable to associate a view with any possible recipient. 

Screenshot 2023-09-14 at 9.33.52 PM.png

Track views

You can track who viewed your video in your Engagement insights as seen below. Views are accounted for if the viewer watches the video for at least five seconds or 75% of the duration. A view will also be accounted for if the viewer scrubs to the end (more information here). 

CleanShot 2024-03-25 at 15.48.15.gif

Please Note: If a viewer enters their email address to your video but does not watch the video, they will not be accounted for as a viewer. 


To use 'Require email to view' do I need Looms Salesforce integration enabled?

Nope. Anyone on an Enterprise plan can use 'Require email to view' and track views in engagement insights. If you want your views tracked in Salesforce, your workspace admin can follow the steps here

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Happy recording!🎥 😄


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