Unable to launch the Desktop app (Mac devices only)


Unable to launch the Loom Desktop app from a Mac device. When opening the Loom app, the Loom application bounces for a few seconds in your dock and then disappears. 

Troubleshooting steps:

Your Loom app might be in your download folder; rather than the needed Application folder. To help resolve this issue please try the steps below. 

  1. Unmount the existing volume in your Finder window:



  2. Go to the Loom desktop app download page and re-download the right current build for your computer

  3. Once downloaded, open up the dmg downloaded file. You'll see this screen and you should drag-and-drop to install:

  4. Once complete, go back to the finder and unmount the volume you're installing from as before:

  5. Once unmounted, go to your Applications folder and start the Loom application from there:

  6. If you want to have the Loom icon appear in your dock so that you can quickly start the app in the future, you can do so by dragging and dropping the Loom desktop app from the Applications folder in the screenshot above down into your dock:

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