How to remove private video thumbnails from embeds

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When a video is shared with only specific people or workspace members (more info on privacy settings here), the video will appear as a private thumbnail, as seen below.


This article will walk you through how to enable Loom titles & previews to display in Slack and other platforms while ensuring they are private for viewing. 

How to remove Private thumbnails in Slack:

⚠️Following actions can only be done by Workspace Admins

  1. Visit your Workspace settings and scroll down to Video Privacy Preview.
  2. From here, you will need to connect your Slack Workspace to Loom. 
    👉 If you already have Slack connected, go ahead and toggle on Display titles and previews in the Video Preview Privacy section.
  3. You will be re-routed to the integrations page, where you can connect to Slack.
  4. Once you have connected to Slack, we will default your setting to show private video thumbnails (you can disable this setting at any time).

How to remove Private thumbnails on other platforms:

Some browsers and platform settings require additional permissions to embed. In these scenarios, an additional step is required to enable a preview when embedding Loom in another tool or browser. 

To enable preview, click on Allow embed access, and a preview of your Loom will appear.



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