Deleting my Account

⚠️ Before you delete your account, you'll want to downgrade your subscription to Loom's Starter (free) plan.

Here's how to delete your account:

  1. Go to your personal account settings and scroll down to Delete my account. Click Delete this account.

  2. You'll be taken into a confirmation flow to confirm that you want to delete your account. This means that all your private Workspaces will be permanently deleted, and you'll be removed from your shared Workspaces.
    👉 You can't delete an account if you're the only Admin in your Workspace, so you'll be given the option to promote another user to Admin if you are.

  3. After you confirm by clicking I want to delete my account, your account deletion will be scheduled. If you're on a paid subscription that is scheduled to expire, your account deletion will be scheduled for after your subscription has expired.
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