After connecting your Slack account to your Loom profile, you can start sharing videos directly with your team on Slack. 

You can effortlessly share your Loom activity from your video library directly to Slack so that everyone on your team can watch your videos and participate in the discussion. 

This helps everyone on your team to be on the same page ✨

You can share your video to multiple users, channels or a combination of both, with or without a personalized message.

Once your video arrives to Slack, your team mates can watch the video right from the Slack platform. Here's an example of how your team will see your video in Slack: 

You can go to any of your Looms or your most recent recording to try it out.

Notifying your colleagues with comments

In the comment section, it is now possible to @mention someone on your Slack team so they are notified via Slack. 

Here's how it'll look on their end: 

What's Next?

Happy Recording 🎥

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