Moving vs. Sharing a video to a Space

Moving and Sharing both give you the ability to make a video visible to all members in a specific space. 


The main difference is Moving only allows you to make a video discoverable in one space, while Sharing allows you to make a video discoverable in multiple spaces.

Here is a quick breakdown of how they work:


  • The video can be shared in multiple spaces. 

  • You can control the viewer's permission: 'can edit' or 'can view' when sharing to a space.



  • The video will be shared in one new space and unshared from any previous spaces.

  • You can choose which folder within a space you want a video to live in. 


💡 You can think of Moving as a quick action to unshare a video from a space and a way for you to move a video to a folder with ease.

Both Sharing & Moving

  • Make a video visible to members in a Space.

  • Videos can be unshared or moved out of a Space at any time.

  • Videos shared or moved will still be present in your Library

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Happy recording! 🎥 😄

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