Save Looms to Watch Later

Watch Looms on your time with our Watch Later list. ⏱

Organize your time by saving and setting reminders for Loom videos you want to view later.

Here's how to save Looms to your watch later list:

  1. Click the Watch Later option within the video share page to save it to your list. You can also find the Watch Later option from Looms shared within Slack. 

  2. Once a video is saved, you can find it in your Watch Later list on the left-hand side of your Loom workspace.
  3. To remove a video from your list, hover over the video thumbnail and click Remove.

Set Reminders 

If you would like to receive push notifications about videos that have been saved, visit the Notification tab within your Personal Settings. From here you can choose if you would like notifications via email or mobile. A reminder will be sent the day after you add a video to your watch list at 9 AM (your timezone).


Do videos on my watch list automatically disappear after I watch them?

No. Looms will remain in your watchlist after you viewed them, but you can manually remove videos from your watchlist.

How often will I receive reminders about a Loom video on my Watch List?
We’ll remind you to watch a video only once. A reminder will be sent to you the day after the video is added to your list at 9 am (your timezone).
Can I opt-out of reminders?
Yes, we want to make sure you don’t forget about the Looms you intend to watch, but you can configure which notification channel where you receive the reminder (email, mobile push, Slack).
Can I configure when I receive my reminders?
Not yet! Reminders will be sent the day after the video is added to your list at 9 a.m. (your time zone). Within Slack, you have the option to snooze your reminder the following day.


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