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Please note

Loom's Community Page is in beta; access to share with the Loom community is limited. If you do not see the option to share with the Loom Community, please stay tuned. 👀

Loom's Community page is a public page where you can publish videos that anyone in the world can watch and learn from. 🔮 When you share a video with the Loom Community, you'll find the following features:

  • Community Looms Video Share Page will be created for all the videos you have shared with Loom's Community page.

  • A Public Profile will be created for you when you post a video to the Loom Community.  Your name, your profile image, and a list of all the videos you have posted to the Community will live here. If you remove all your videos from the Loom Community, your public profile will no longer be accessible.

What happens to videos that are shared with the Loom Community?

When you share with the Loom community, your videos can be found on the Community webpage, and on your public profile. Your videos may also appear in-app and indexed by search engines.

Here's how to share a video with the Loom Community

To share with the Loom community, you must be a Creator of a Business or Enterprise plan. 

  1. Go to the video share page of the video you would like to post and click Share in the upper right-hand corner. 

  2. From here, you see sharing options, you will want to toggle on Share with Loom’s Community to share the video.

  3. Once you share to the Community, click see it here to view the public share page.BE00BB17-0570-445A-8A56-4BB7D6F1F4BD_4_5005_c.jpeg

  4. If you want to unshare your video from the Community, toggle off the Share with Loom’s Community. This will take a few minutes to take effect.

Best Practices

Use the Loom Community page to share videos that you think will help educate and inspire people to use asynchronous videos at work. This can be anything from how you use Loom in your role to tips and tricks for recording. Here are a few recommendations:

  • Tone: Be casual! It doesn’t have to be perfect.
  • Title: Keep it short and descriptive.
  • Length: Between 1 and 3 minutes.
  • Recording tips: Camera on, clear mic, and be yourself! 💌
  • Check out the looms on this page for inspiration!
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