How to use speaker notes

Deliver Looms with confidence using speaking notes. ✨

Having to re-record due to forgetting what to say is a thing of the past with speaker notes. You can now add bullet points or full script with Looms speaker notes so you can feel confident knowing exactly what to say next. No need to worry about speaker notes appearing in your recording; they are only visible while recording. 

⚠️ Speaker notes are only available on Loom's Desktop app for devices on MacOS 12.3+ and Win10+.

To help organize your speaker notes, you can do the following:

    • Add bullets or numbering list

    • Bold, Italicize and Underline content

    • Copy, paste, and cut content

👉 Speaker notes are limited to 10,000 characters


How to use:

    1. Open the desktop app and click on Speaker notes.

    2. From here, you will see a pop-up window where you can write down your notes. 

    3. You can move and resize your speaker notes by holding and dragging. Speaker_Notes_.gif

    4. Once you are satisfied with your notes, you can start recording! 🎉  Your speaker notes will record on top of all windows, so if you need to switch windows, your notes will still be visible.

👉 If you end up having to re-record, your speaker notes will be saved for your next recording! 

Speaker note shortcuts

You can use the keyboard shortcuts below to enhance your notes.

Mac Windows
  • Bold =Command+B
  • Italicize=Command+I
  • Underline =Command+U
  • 👯Copy =Command+C
  • ✍️Paste =Command+V
  • ✂️Cut=Command+X

🔘 To add Bullet Points (for both Mac & Windows),  type an * asterisk followed by a space.
🔢 To add Number lists (for both Mac & Windows), type 1. followed by a space.  

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Happy recording! ??

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