How to blur sensitive information

Need to conceal sensitive information while recording? We got you covered. 🤝

You can blur sensitive information before or while recording to ensure confidential information is hidden from your viewers.

Please note:

  • The blur feature is only available to Creators and Admins on a Business or Enterprise plan.

  • Information cannot be blurred after recording, only before or while recording.

  • The blur feature can only be used on websites via Loom's Chrome extension, you can not use the blur tool on the Desktop app at this time. 

Here's a video walkthrough of how to blur information:

Here are the written steps:

  1. Open the Chrome Extension and click Blur.

  2. From here, you can start selecting elements you want to be blurred. You can blur content across multiple tabs. To remove a blurred element, simply re-click on the element. 

  3. Once you've blurred the desired content, click Done and start your recording. If you blur content across multiple tabs, you will be brought back to the original tab you opened the Extension with to start recording.

  4. Don't worry if you forgot to blur some content! You can always blur content while recording by clicking the Icon from your recording menu.  

🔐 To ensure the protection of your confidential information, Loom will not record information you have blurred.


Will my recording pause if I click on blur while I’m recording?
Yes! Activating the blur button will automatically pause the recording so that you can blur content before resuming your recording.
Does it work on all web browsers?
No, the blur feature only works on Chrome when using the Loom Chrome Extension. Please make sure you are on the latest Loom Chrome Extension (version 5.3.38 or above). 
Why can't I blur content on certain websites? 
Our blur feature currently only works on DOM-based websites because these sites are built with elements that Loom can easily identify and separate information from. Any single element built websites such as Google Docs, Notion, Figma, or Figjam will not be supported by the blur feature. 
Can I blur content on several tabs? 
Yes! After clicking Add blur, you can navigate across different tabs and different Chrome pages. When you start recording, you'll be brought back to your initial tab. This is a great way to prepare the content you need to blur across different pages. 


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Happy recording! 

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